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About the Dome and the United City Life Houses

The Dome is one of the united city life houses in Aarhus. A unifying place with a focus on community, co-creation and sustainable (urban) development. A kind of reimagined assembly house that gives a concrete idea of how the public spaces of the city can be used for the common good.

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    Do you have an idea for a event that strive for sustainability and active citizenship? And do you wish to book the Dome for that event?

    Then send a mail to domen@aarhus.dk or call us at :41874695

    Find the Dome

    The address is:

    Inge Lehmanns Gade 22

    8000 Aarhus


    It is not permitted to park by car at the Dome unless you have a permission or a valid handicap parking permit. We refer instead to the car parks nearby, including the car park under Bestseller and the car park under Dokk1.

    Public transport

    The nearest light rail stop is Skolebakken.

    Sidst opdateret: 23. maj 2024